A safe Wassenaar

Safety is important. Also for expats in Wassenaar.

Vote. Vote for a safe Wassenaar.

Stop cut-through traffic. Vote DLW List 5.


DLW: The only party against narrowing the N44




Every day Wassenaarders step out of the front door to go to work and school by bicycle, car or public transport or to a shop or facility.

Contrary to other political parties, DLW focuses on a combination of these means of transport, instead of seeing them as competitors.


Wassenaar must continue to invest in its infrastructure. Not only the capacity of our infrastructure is important, but also the quality and especially road safety. After all, everyone wants their loved one to come home safely. The municipality had many expensive traffic plans drawn up, but ultimately did little or nothing with them. In order to turn the tide, effective measures are needed in the short term, aimed at the truly safe design of roads, including the infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. There should be more free-standing cycle paths.


DLW wants Wassenaar to be easily accessible without causing any nuisance to residents. The current Traffic Plan must be off the table! No cut-through traffic! An accessible Het Kerkehout, an easily accessible center and an easily accessible Maaldrift. Bottlenecks, such as Rozenplein, need to be addressed now! In order to relieve traffic through the village as much as possible, the entrance to Duinrell must be moved to Katwijkseweg.


URGENT: All local parties – except DLW –

voted to scale down the Rijkstraatweg from

four lanes to two lanes. Thus causing part of

the 70,000 cars that use this trafficartery daily

to cut-though Wassenaar.

DLW strongly pledges to maintain the

Rijksstraatweg as the main artery and to

NOT redirect this traffic through Wassenaar.


The Rijksstraatweg (N44) is an important main traffic artery, even after the completion of the N434 (the east-west connection between the A4 and A44). In order to prevent cut-through traffic, the Rijksstraatweg should not be scaled down to a two-lane road, but (partly) be underground.

Local roads that quickly divert traffic from the village should remain

50 km roads. The municipality’s intention to lower the maximum speed in built-up areas to thirty kilometers per hour will lead to more emissions and cut-through traffic. That is what mobility experts from TNO and the ANWB say. It also stands in the way of fast public transport. Care should therefore be taken when setting up such zones. No barriers need to be erected for ambulances, fire brigade and police to get to the scene quickly.


DLW doesn’t tolerate ideologically inspired, but non effective, obstacles that discourage the accessibility of the home by car. The current parking standards must therefore be maintained. DLW is against car bullying! DLW is against a parking charge for residents in a neighbourhood.


DLW is for good access and a safe traffic and living environment. Do not scale down the Rijksstraatweg. Prevent cut-through traffic.

Keep Wassenaar safe. Vote DLW Lijst 5.